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The Most Disturbing Case of Alien Abduction Ever, WARNING DISTURBING

The Most Disturbing Case of Alien Abduction Ever, WARNING DISTURBING

June 12, 2012 - The human was subject to a brutal mutilation.  Yet the reality is that what happened to him is far more disturbing than brutality. This was systematic mutilation. 

Whoever they were.  Had a level of stunning precision.    They were specific about what body parts and internal organs they wanted.  They removed the left eye, the left ear, the lips, the tongue, and the jaw bone.

In the upper torso, two "drainage holes" were perfectly cut into the chest.

And the entire rectum track had been cored out leaving a large gaping hole, similar to how an apple core remover will slice out the center leaving the outside fully intact.

Further perplexing is the fact that there was no blood. It is clear that this systematic mutilation was executed with speed, precision, and powered by an advanced intelligence.

And that is what makes this case so disturbing.

If we are to assume that this abduction was carried out by an alien intelligence, then it is time to also revise our data regarding the conceivable specific intentions, moral perspectives and general agenda that some of our extraterrestrial visitors may have.

In 1998, four years after the body was found, Brazilian researcher Zapata Carcia and Dr. Rubens Goes revealed to the public the first time the information about the case.

The body was found on a in the Guarapiranga reservoir, located in the southern area of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Zapata & Dr. Rubens also had a series of photographs leaked to them from an insider within the Brazilian police. Upon inquiring with the police about the case, surprisingly the head of primary investigation offered his files on the case.

Police are responsible for investigating crimes… yet this murder would prove to go beyond even the most sickest criminal minds could ever possibly conceive. The report was rather simple in that, there were no signs of struggle. No typical violence occurred here. No ropes or weapons were involved.

The autopsy report would reveal more about what happened than what the police could produce. The autopsy report states: "We observed the removal of the right and left orbital areas, emptying of the mouth cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, neck, right and left armpit area, abdomen, pelvic cavity, right and left groin area."

With Zapata's & Dr. Rubens determined research the report, in addition to the photographs, were made public. You can download a copy of the actual autopsy report here ( http://www.alienvideo.net/0805/img/alien-mutilation/abduction-mutilation-autopsy-report.pdf ). A few items have been blacked out to protect the identification of the victim.

The photographs, if you have the stomach, are available for viewing below.

"The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest. Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs."

The autopsy report continues, "We observed the removal of the right and left orbital areas, emptying of the mouth cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, neck, right and left armpit area, abdomen, pelvic cavity, right and left groin area".

Precise "cookie cutter" holes are discovered in strategical positions throughout the body used for extracting internal organs. This level of precision suggests that the operation was executed with speed, the application of heat or lasers, all occurring as the subject was still alive.

In this image you can clearly see the body has been hollowed out of it's organs. A cavity in the center of the abdomen reveals an extraction point.

"INTERNAL EXAMINATION: ...after opening the cranial cavity using Griessinger technique we found: 17) unimpaired skullcap; 18) cerebral edema".

In a case like this, the presence of cerebral edema without direct traumatic origin is a strong characteristic of an agonizing death. In confirmation, the autopsy CONCLUSION explicitly states as causa mortis (cause of the death):

"...acute haemorhage in multiple traumatisms. There is a component of causa mortis by vagus stimulation" (implying cardio-respiratory arrest caused by extreme pain). "The victim shows injuries with vital reaction characteristics, i.e., there is the component "torture". The suggested modus operandi is: incisions in soft parts and natural orifices using sucking devices".

In addition to the shocking photographs, the fact that the official autopsy report blatantly states that the victim was subject to incisions & use of "sucking devices" elevates the case to the levels beyond most disturbing monstrosity to ever occur to a human being.

And disturbing in more ways than one. A) the extraction of body parts & use of sucking devices B) the beings responsible are likely not from this planet.

Given the brutal, completely immoral nature of this suspected extraterrestrial mutilation and the autopsy conclusion that implies heart-attack due to extreme pain means that, unfortunately, this victim was almost certainly was alive while the systematic mutilation took place.

And consider the psychological profile at work here. It is clear that the beings who did this have no regard for morals or human life. They were precise. This was systematic. This was efficient. Why then, would they kill their subject before extracting bodily material? The intelligence behind this did not care about the pain this victim would suffer. This was an agonizing death to be sure.

Could Humans Do this?

If you are skeptical about the assumption that this mutilation was the work of extraterrestrials, then we have to ask - who (or what) else could have done this?

Firstly, would agencies within the government abduct us? Given what we know about the intelligence apparatus over the US Government : yes. The better question is, do these agencies have the technology to do so, and do they have the technology to extract body matter in such a systematic & effective way.

Does the military industrial complex, with their multi trillion dollar black budget, have the capability to carry out a technological mutilation?

And if so, why? What the hell do they need living internal organs for? Another confusing question is why wouldn't they properly dispose the evidence. What possible reason would they have for engaging into a complex mutilation extraction process and then put the savaged carcus back in public view?

And then there is another possibility. That this was not caused by any living beings at all. That the responsible ones behind this alien abduction are powered by a computational intelligence. Alien robots. As far fetched as that might be, it is conceivable that there could be organized races of robotic intelligences who have interstellar capability. It's at least a consideration, given the fact that whoever committed this systematic extraction has not even a remote extent of human feeling.

You may have heard the term "cattle mutilation". Cattle mutilation cases are much more common than that of the human variety. Yet this Guarapiranga case and the hundreds of cattle mutilation cases reported in the United States bear a striking similarity.

The above scene is from the scene of a reported cattle mutilation. I guess you could say that it's a little less scary given the fact that this is a cow. Yet the similarities in the precision to the cut and hollowed out organs yield an erie resemblance to what happened to the man in Guarapiranga. Unfortunately, this isn't the only sickening cattle mutilation ever reported. There are literally hundreds of cases just like this - all with a consistent methodology to removing internal organs & body material using advanced technological processes that seem to defy the capabilities of even the most modern medical procedures.

This case is tentative evidence that at least some alien visitors are not friendly. Given the amount of UFO & extraterrestrial activity evidenced in the thousands of videos & photographs in public archives, including UFOs on NASA's own footage, it is likely that there multiple extraterrestrial races existing in our solar system.

One former geologist & engineer, Phil Schneider,who died in the 1990's due to a suspicious death, former geologist & engineer, claimed that the US Military & the international Militaries of the world have been in quote, "constant conflict with the outer space alien" both underground and above the surface. These aliens he said, included the Small Greys, the Large Greys, and the Reptillians.

Could there be a genuine extraterrestrial threat? And if so, is it rogue groups who are violating interstellar agreements by infiltrating our planet with occasional abductions - or is it an entire race of aliens that could potentially exterminate the entire human population?

While I admit this conclusion is digressing into the realm of conspiracy, it seems certain anyway that this case is yet another example of an incident that is by all logic: performed by extraterrestrials. The publicly available data surrounding this case combined with an understanding of the mountains of evidence to suggest that there are indeed extraterrestrial visitors already engaging the planet (which includes several hundred corporate, government, and military witnesses who have offered to testify to congress as part of the Disclosure Project) then it is not a stretch to make this conclusion.

( via alienvideo.net )


  • Kerrblur2#

    Kerrblur2 wrote October 6, 2012 9:22:46 PM CEST

    http://www.reocities.com/aliengrip/Mutilations/Guarapiranga2-En.htm if you wanna see the rest of the images. definently nothing from cartels.

  • Pelebhoy#

    Pelebhoy wrote August 8, 2012 2:33:27 PM CEST

    These Alien Visitors Are Exactly Like the British, Spanish, French Explorers Before Them, in that They are here to Plunder & Pillage Everything that they Can! They see Us as Probably Savages & with Primitive Weapons & Very Far Beneath Them!
    I also Believe that We May have some form of Back Up out there that WE Do Not Know About just Yet & They are Maybe the reason that We Don't Get Completely Overrun & Taking Over, Just Like Our Fore Fathers Did in The Colonies Many Years Ago.
    History Repeats Itself, Only This Time, WE Will Be On The Receiving End!!

  • Michael777#

    Michael777 wrote July 29, 2012 1:57:28 AM CEST

    From the research i have been able to find, there are some 200 or so of these 'human mutilation' cases. What makes them of special note is their direct connection (in method and means) to thousands of cattle mutilations carried out in different countries. So it is either being done by a secret UN military group, a very ubiquitous cult with people with medical degrees and advanced lasers, or by something alien to our current known species list. No suspects have ever been arrested or successfully charged in either phenomena.

    The fact that it has been proven that the subject was tortured should especially be noted by those who would like to assign some kind of benevolent alien motive to 'alien abduction, cattle mutilations, etc... Clearly the perps of this crime have utter criminal contempt for their victims, and any scientific knowledge gained by these mutilations is perhaps of a secondary interest, or certainly self centered, and not with the intended well being of us humans.

  • Shibbydougy#

    Shibbydougy wrote July 11, 2012 8:12:04 PM CEST

    Sorry, but nothing about this case indicates Alien involvement in my opinion. To claim so is to omit our potential for creativity, efficiency, ruthlessness, and unethical behavior. Many bodies have been discovered in similar our worse circumstances, and thus far the culprits that have been identified were of human decent. Jack the Ripper is possibly the most famous example I can think of, even though he was never officially caught (And no, he wasn't an Alien as it's absurd to believe you could profile an E.T.).

    My opinion is that a Pro was hired to torture this man to death, either for the purposes of a prolonged agony before death, or for extraction of information. It is very possible that it is also the work of a malicious psychopath. Keep in mind that Brazil is home to frequent brutal killings, often gang and drug related. Check out 'Cidade de Deus' (a.k.a. City of Gods) for a feel of what the Favelas are like.

    I think it's safe to say that this case is better suited for the team down at CSI, and so much for Mulder and Scully.

    And please friends, remember to remain critical and objective when searching for the truth. Not doing so leads to the same kind of brainwashing people suffer when watching TV - you take everything in as how its presented to you and forget to objectively assess it.

    Thank you nonetheless for sharing this very interesting story!

  • Jewels#

    Jewels wrote July 4, 2012 12:02:52 AM CEST

    To Thenew2010, it is obvious that you may not understand them very well. Just because a race is more advanced technologically does not mean they are advanced spiritually or morally. You can look at the Mad Scientists running amuck just on our earth to get a clue on that. Smart does not mean Smart... Intelligence does not mean technology intelligence ... There are thousands upon thousands or races of ET, many are actually angelics, many are not, but they could care less if they leave a body around, they have no fear of us so why should they care. In fact any tech we on earth have that is advanced came from the nefarious races given to the scientists of re-known, whether these scientists know it or not, it came from outside themselves. The real spiritually intelligent races did not give this tech to earth because were were not yet mature enough spiritually to wield it, so all tech came from the nefarious darker races and they knew exactly what they were doing when they gave it, a pact of servitude for any that took the tech, with power, sex and control in mind to hold their servers captive long term. Just as there are many benevolent ones like the Pleiadian's etc, there are just as many malevolent ones and there is a War Ongoing Presently between them and also concerning us and our freedom from these dark ones control. The ONLY way out is through spirituality, not organized necessarily mind you, but through pure spiritual essence. YES this goes back to the Angelic Wars of Old......................

  • UFOSocietyErin#

    UFOSocietyErin wrote June 17, 2012 3:55:14 PM CEST

    There have been tribal mutilations like this. Perhaps, not with as much precision.
    Black Dahlia... http://vault.fbi.gov/Black%20Dahlia%20(E%20Short)%20/" rel="external nofollow"> and a

  • UFOSocietyErin#

    UFOSocietyErin wrote June 17, 2012 3:45:36 PM CEST

    There have been tribal mutilations like this. Perhaps, not with as much precision.
    a href="http://vault.fbi.gov/Black%20Dahlia%20(E%20Short)%20/" and a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Dahlia"

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u wrote June 13, 2012 3:21:08 PM CEST

    This is a rapport of one of the most horrific crimes ever and what is the media doing? Just nothing. They even don't mention it.. If the media know about a crime and you don't report it, they are assessory. Because why are we informed about this on a small website, far away from the eyes of the world about a crime, happened 20 years ago? Because it would shock the world? I don't think so because have we forgotten what happened during the holocaust? Or the Goulash Archipel? Or all the many inhumane killings of the wars, still going on? I don't think so. And indeed, the conclusion of this report is correct. This is the work of the greys. And indeed, the greys are robots. Not technical robots but ARTIFICIAL BIOLOGICAL ROBOTS. They became dangerous some 80 years ago and the makers of this artificial life form have tried to warn us by sending a message since 1977 on until 2005. Do you really want to know what happened since these greys became dangerous, look at my video series Alien Signals deciphered, posted on this website. We deal with an highly organized artificial life form, called block culture, and if we don't take our act together soon, these monstrosities will become soon part of our daily life. The greys have indeed no feelings, ethics and only concerned with their own survival. The makers of these biological robots where the first victims but they were able to survive the ordeal and now preparing to bring the greys down. But they can't succeed completely as long as the secret government, that made a deal with these greys, refuses to cuts off any cooperation with these greys. They are informed about the true nature of the greys and assessor’s of the crimes, committed by these greys if they don't stop covering the mess they made if this human alien enconters. The makers of the greys are very sorry as they used these greys for some 2000 years and they were never hostile until 80 years ago. It is not the people that need to wake up. It is the government and the media that have the duty to inform the people in a correct way so that every individual can make its own mind. So Government and your media: WAKE UP. Do what you should have done long time ago. DISCLOSE the true history of the greys invasion. You will be surprised how many support you will get from the people if you don't treat them like scary stupid children. They can handle the truth. Our history proves that the common people can handle the truth very well. What the common people can’t handle is when the government is lying to the common people. And that is also proven in history over and over again. I wonder if you, the government and you media, can handle this truth.

  • Thenew2010#

    Thenew2010 wrote June 12, 2012 11:25:27 PM CEST

    with an open mind, this could be the work of Aliens or it could be the work of some human's organization that dislike Alien and wanted to put enough fear upon our human race. Just one thing though, if the Alien are thousand of years more advanced than human then why would they left the so obvious evidence of their bad deeds ? Would they be smart enough to "destroy the evidence" as human been doings years ago Just wondering :-).

  • Eldorado#

    Eldorado wrote June 12, 2012 10:48:07 PM CEST

    Why Marcy, what ever do you have to fear? LOL

    ......It's not like we are being cloned to be replaced or anthing like that, are we??

    .......I mean.....they weren't actually trying to create a clone of a human for any reason were they?

    They live and walk amongst us.

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