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The National Weather Service has a hidden message for Congress

The National Weather Service has a hidden message for Congress

October 5, 2013 - Large chunks of the National Weather Service--the group of scientists partially responsible for predicting extreme weather events, among many other important weather-related duties--are still working despite the government shutdown debacle. They're just doing it without that whole "pay" detail. Upsetting.

ABC affiliate station meteorologist Mike Masco apparently found a hidden message to Congress, venting that frustration, buried in some standard weather alerts. (You can see the alert here. As of writing, it's still there. Scroll down a bit.)

But seriously. They need to get paid.

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Alaska National Weather Service office begs "please pay us" in secret message

In an official public forecast discussion, the Anchorage National Weather Service office - whose employees are working without knowledge of when they will be paid during the ongoing Federal shutdown - encoded this secret message: "Please pay us." The first letter in each of the first 11 lines in the forecast discussion spells out the message,...

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