The plot thickens: Balic sea anomaly eventually a NAZI UFO prototype

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During WW II the strange glowing globes known as Foo Fighters sparked rumours of enemy secret weapons on both sides of the conflict, and with the coming of the saucer era, many were quick to link the two. As a result tales of Nazi-created flying saucers spread seemingly backed by documentary evidence and eyewitness accounts.

The designs for these "flying discs" were drawn up by the German experts Schriever, Habermohl and Miethe, and the Italian Bellonzo. Schriever and Habermohl, who worked in Prague, took off with the first "flying disc" on 14 February 1945. Within three minutes they climbed to an altitude of 12,400 m and reached a speed of 2,000 km/h in horizontal flight.

Dr Heinrich Richard Miethe was the designer and builder of the wartime German saucer project, the V-7. Dr Miethe worked during the war at a German facility in Breslau, now part of modem Poland. After the war, he was recruited by the Americans and Canadians to recapitulate his earlier work for Germany in America.

As ever, we have no idea how the saucers flew or functioned, but more than two years later, in September 1952, the Italian magazine 'Tempo' published some fuzzy photos (see picture above) of something looking not unlike a curling stone, on an angle against a featureless background (those featureless backgrounds are everywhere in 50s ufology).

These, 'Tempo' claims, were taken over the BALTIC SEA on April 17, 1944, when the Miethe saucer was test-flown. The article persisted with the assertion that the Russians had obtained the secrets of these miraculous flying discs.

Currently Editor of the newsstand magazine Unopened Files - Access a Number of Well Kept Secrets and Features Editor of UFO Magazine, he has an established interest in wartime UFO events. In his 1998 book Alien Base, Tim Good says:

Interestingly, there is circumstantial evidence that at least one of the V-7 project aircraft was prototyped. According to the researcher and author Mark Ian Birdsall, several projects involving a circular-wing aircraft were conceived during the war, the most elaborate of which was constructed by Dr Richard Miethe at facilities in Breslau (Wroclaw), Poland, and in Prague. A small prototype was rumoured to have flown over the BALTIC SEA in January 1943, and two full-scale aircraft with a diameter of 135 feet were eventually built. Also, reports Birdsall, another V-7 project was a 'spinning saucer', based on helicopter principles, about 35 feet in diameter, designed by Rudolf Schriever, a small prototype of which was allegedly first flown in 1943.

Is the UFO found on the Baltic Sea eventually one of the prototypes developed and test flown by the NAZIs in the area at the time? The plot thickens.

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