Theories about how the ancient pyramids were built are 'wrong'

Pyramids Peter Built James

A Newport engineer says his discovery about how the Egyptian pyramids were built threatens to shake up the world of archaeology. Peter James revealed to Sarah Dickins how he thinks the accepted theories about pyramid building are wrong.

Cast your mind back to images in school books about the building of the ancient pyramids and you probably remember images of hundreds of workers in loin cloths heaving massive stones up ramps.

Peter James and his team have been restoring the Egyptian pyramids for 18 years. As his company Cintec worked deep inside the iconic structures.

He began to question how they were really built, up to 4,000 years ago. He says the traditional view, that hundreds of workers manoeuvred two million stone blocks, laying one every three minutes is impossible.

'Too steep to move' He says the pyramids are so tall that the ramps would have had to have been at least a quarter of a mile long or they would be too steep to move the blocks along. He adds that had that happened there would still be signs that the ramps had been there.

Instead, Peter James says, from what he has seen working deep inside the pyramids, he believes they were built from the inside out, with large stones on the outside and small material inside - a bit like a modern builder would construct a stone wall.

Peter James is managing director of Cintec International based in Newport ( via ).

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