Triangle UFOs Fly In The Face Of Logic

UFO Ufos Lumberton Triangle

The earliest known reports of these unusual triangles can be traced to the Dutch East Indies in the late 1890s, around 10 years prior to the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane flight in 1903. Triangle UFOs were also reported from Scotland and England in 1895.

Check out these triangular UFOs through the years.

Cromwell, CT -- 9-17-60

People have reported triangular, V-shaped UFOs for many decades, going back to the 1890s. The sighting reports have very similar characteristics to flying triangles that continue to be seen today. Here are some illustrations of these fascinating UFOs. This first one was seen over Cromwell, CT in 1960.

Elmer, NJ -- 12-15-66

Lumberton, NC 1 -- April 1975

These next four slides involve the first well-documented wave of triangular UFO sightings. It took place in Lumberton, NC, in 1975, and the principle investigator (and one of the main eyewitnesses) was Huffington Post writer Lee Speigel.

Lumberton, NC 2 -- April 1975

This is another sketch provided by Lumberton, NC, law enforcement authorities of a triangular UFO seen over that area in 1975.

Lumberton, NC 3 -- April 1975

Illustration made by Huffington Post writer Lee Speigel of the triangular UFO seen by him and numerous law enforcement officials in Lumberton, NC, in April 1975.

Lumberton, NC 4 -- April 1975

Comparison of triangle UFO seen by multiple eyewitnesses in North Carolina in 1975 to a modern-day B-2 stealth bomber.

Memphis, TN -- 5-16-77

Patapsco State Park, MD -- 3-22-78

Swansea, Wales -- 1-19-83

Cardiff, Wales -- 1-20-83

Durham County, UK -- 9-29-95

So who or what was behind the controls of these large, silent, black objects? And who, indeed, is still piloting them today?

"One of the most unusual characteristics of these things is their ability to seemingly divide from one triangle into two, or for these triangles to come together and merge into one. There are a number of reports of that. Coupled with it is the ability for these things to morph or change shape right before the witnesses' eyes," says David Marler, pictured below, who has investigated the history of triangle UFOs for over 20 years.

Marler, author of "Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation" (Richard Dolan Press) is featured in the "Close Encounters" episodes of this week's Science Channel's "Are We Alone?" series.

What initiated Marler's research was a wave of triangle UFOs in 1990 that occurred in Belgium, where military authorities publicly confirmed the sightings and endorsed the fact that strange vehicles were operating in their skies -- extremely similar to flying triangles seen by many police officers in southern Illinois in 2000.

"The similarities were uncanny, both in the way they described the objects as well as how the objects flew," Marler told The Huffington Post ( via ).

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