Truth is out there behind 'conspiracy theories'

UFO Alien Mars Non-believers

A planet war unseen by most, alien civilisations on Mars and the truth is out there behind a thousand conspiracy theories.

The alien believers stuffed the Linder Auditorium in Joburg and listened for two days to alien abductees, paranormal researchers and even alchemists.

To the non-believers, the chat was scary. They learnt that their DNA is mixed up with that of aliens and that a war towards an alien race had just been fought – alien underground bases have been taken out.

The non-believers may have observed those earthquakes lately. That was the war going on. The great reports? We won.

But the non-believers can just take solace in the fact that proof for some of these theories is questionable and is pooh-poohed by standard science.

It was the first ever UFO Science and Consciousness Conference in South Africa. The speakers arrived from about the planet.

Laura Eisenhower, the fantastic-granddaughter of one-time US president Dwight Eisenhower, informed the convention how she was recruited to get part in a mission to Mars, but was capable to escape.

In fact, travel to Mars is outdated news, in accordance to Eisenhower. Martians have been teleporting folks to our closest planet again when Abba was big in the seventies.

Absolutely with the blast-off of the Martian rover Curiosity on Saturday the days of secret Mars bases and alien civilisations would be numbered? The rover is set to contact down on Mars 8-and-a-50 percent months from now, and it will then get started a search for life ( via ).

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