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Turkish military helicopter violates Syria airspace

Turkish military helicopter violates Syria airspace

September 11, 2011 - A Turkish military helicopter has violated Syrian air space, amid reports of a feasible Turkish energy to set up a buffer zone in the Syrian soil, a report states.

The helicopter with a commander and several military troops onboard entered Syrian airspace to carry out a reconnaissance flight over the two states' borderlines and to analyze Syrian border regions, Turkish Kanal 7 reports.

Turkish Television channels are offering full media coverage of Syrian refugees' departure to Turkey, encouraging the Syrian border dwellers to just take refuge in neighboring Turkey.

A report published in the Turkish everyday Posta on Thursday explained Turkey is mulling over sending its military forces into Syrian soil to create a “buffer zone” should the modern turmoil in Syria skyrocket into a refugee crisis that would pose a danger to Ankara.

Since mid-March, Syria has been having difficulties with unprecedented unrest that has left scores of individuals dead, which includes many troopers and other members of its security forces.

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