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Two brothers get photo taken with Santa every Christmas for 30 years

Two brothers get photo taken with Santa every Christmas for 30 years

December 25, 2013 - In what may well be the sweetest family tradition ever, two brothers have had their photo taken together with Santa Claus every Christmas without fail for 30 years.

The photo album actually stretches back 33 years, after it was kicked off in 1980 when Michael Gray, from Massachusetts, had his first picture taken sitting on Father Christmas' lap.

Three years later his younger brother Martin joined him, starting a trend that has survived through to this Christmas - and, the plan is, beyond.

"It was year after year. Our father kept pushing us to go. It never seemed like a big deal. It just kind of happened," Michael told ABC News.

"And then after a certain point, it was like we've been doing this for two decades now and we're just going to keep going. At that point, you can't miss one. Because, you know, I just feel guilty about not going."

In 2011, a third recruit joined proceedings after Michael had his first child, a son. Then this year two more faces crashed the party - both Martin and Michael had daughters in 2013.

"I have two kids and Martin has one. And I guess we are going to continue with it," Michael said.

"Probably once they are teenagers [they will] hate us for it is my guess," Martin added.

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Heartwarming Photos Of Two Brothers Who Have Taken A Picture With Santa Together For 30 Years

Mike and Martin Gray, two brothers from Holliston, Mass., have one of the most adorable Christmas traditions ever, and, best of all, they're passing it on a new generation of kids. 1980: Mike, at 1, begins the annual tradition with his first photo with Santa. Via imgur.com 1981: Mike and Santa strike a pose. Via imgur.

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