UFO Best Evidence: The El Yeso Reflection?

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It’s been known as the entire world’s greatest UFO image. Of course, some national pride may possibly have been concerned since the declare was made by Chilean Ufologists about this Chilean UFO photograph, captured on February fourteen, 2010 near the El Yeso reservoir, high in the Andes Mountains. Aside from an fascinating picture, total with a “possible shape of the UFO” reconstruction you see under, from a local UFO group, the circumstance is intriguing simply because it was also investigated by the official Chilean group CEFAA, which forwarded it for examination abroad.

As a cooperation in between CEFAA and the American NARCAP, Dr. Richard Haines evaluated the series of images and issued a report, translated by CEFAA to Spanish, and also reproduced by Leslie Kean in English.

The picture was portion of a sequence of pictures captured by a loved ones in holiday getaway intrigued in registering the colorful iridescent clouds that can be seen. It was only afterwards that they recognized the obvious UFO in the sky. That is, point one, they didn’t truly see the UFO. And, as Haines himself notes, “the UAP was not noticeable in any of the other photos taken of the same spot in the sky”. It only showed up in one image. Point two.

Right here’s one added. very pertinent point. As local UFO group CIFAE comments on, quoting the immediate assertion by one of the witnesses, Doris Hermosilla, some of the photographs in the collection were taken from inside of an utility automobile. Hermosilla states that the picture with the UFO was taken outisde the automobile, but the UFO group comments that equally the previous and the image in query truly have fuzzy reflections suggesting otherwise.

Indeed, in the higher left corner of location number twelve, following the reference regions marked in the entire picture by Haines, one can evidently see an out of focus light blob.

Now, that could be both a flare, or an inside reflection on a vehicle window or windshield. It could also be another UFO, but then, and here is the point, so could the UFO be… a flare or inner reflection.

A flare is not a very excellent candidate since the picture does show up in emphasis with definite characteristics, but a reflection seems to be like a quite good hypothesis. It would not be the first of its kind ( via forgetomori.com ).