UFO Sightings: First China and NYC, Now Texas, Va.

UFO Sightings China Ufos

(Oct. 20) -- If guests from another world have occur to Earth, they are undoubtedly getting in a great deal of sights.

First, UFOs have been spotted in China, triggering numerous airport closures. Then, last week, "they" moved over Manhattan. Now, we have reports of a nighttime exhibit in El Paso, Texas, and Richmond, Va.

Coincidence? Relationship? Misidentifications of not-so-strange objects?

It really is sometimes hard to keep it all straight as folks proceed to see and photograph factors in the sky that arrive beneath the heading -- at minimum quickly -- of unidentified.

So significantly, no official clarification has been provided for the several UFO sightings in China. Officials have tried to determine no matter whether the odd lights posed any risk to the airports that halted service briefly or to planes scheduled to land and just take off.

To date, military aircraft or missile tests have been mostly blamed for the sightings.

Last week, unusual high-flying objects have been spotted over the Chelsea place of Manhattan. The silvery-colored things escaped both the detection of nearby airport radar as well as partygoers in northern Westchester County who claimed the UFOs had been balloons, supposed for an event honoring a teacher's engagement and that unintentionally flew away ( via aolnews.com ).

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