UFO researcher Maximillien de Lafayette SILENCED live on the air

UFO Lafayette Ground Silenced

Last night on Ground Zero radio there was a scheduled interview with Maximillien de Lafayette regarding the UFO subject. The program was based on the Baltic sea discovery and the history of the UFO phenomena. The interview was cut short by Max and had listeners in Awe along with host Clyde Lewis. He abruptly backtracked and changed his story and if he was afraid to go on and people are buzzing. He basically retracted everything he said and changed his story.

We have seen publicity stunts before, but this doesn't feel like one. This feels, "Mr de Lafayette, your daughter would like to speak with you about your claims," ominous.

Clyde Lewis host of GROUND ZERO MEDIA will Host a Special Ground Zero to Discuss why UFO Author and Researcher Maximillien de Lafayette was Silenced Live on the Air!

The incident took place at the beginning of the third hour when de Lafayette abruptly announced he had one minute to finish then apparently read a prepared statement retracting his research then quickly hung up the phone with no further details.

Who silenced de Lafayette? Why was he silenced and more importantly what does this mean? Clyde will discuss the event on Monday 25th June along with other members of the Ground Zero Team who were present. He will also discuss what de Lafayette had been disclosing and about to disclose when the interview was shutdown.

It sounds a lot like de Layafette was gonna BLOW THE WHISTLE (on air) about the Baltic Sea Anomaly and the German-American UFO-tech collusion at the end of the Second World War and on to 2020, and got 'a phone call'.



Forward to the 01:20:00 point if you wanna 'cut to the chase'.

There's a special show on Monday, and let's see what (if anything) transpires from further contact between Lewis and de Lafayette.

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