UFO sightings increase as do WikiLeaks 'UFO War' reports

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STONEFIELD Beach front, Ore. – President Bill Clinton’s previous chief of staff has joined a developing list of influential men and women who want all entire world governments to arrive thoroughly clean on nonetheless unexplained UFO phenomenon although the European Union documented how “a substantial fleet of UFO’s all of a sudden emerged,” back in 2004.

“It’s time to find out what the reality really is that’s out there. The American men and women – and the people of the world – want to know, and they can deal with the truth,” writes John Podesta in the foreword for “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Authorities Officers go on the File.” Podesta served as the White House Chief of Workers beneath President Bill Clinton, and as co-chairman of the “Obama-Biden Transition Project” that targeted on prevention and public health. Meanwhile, Julian Assange – the founder of the whistleblower net system “WikiLeaks” – made a Sept. 6 statement in Berlin that Wikileaks had posted �,287 cables on its website Sept. 2,” that integrated some new UFO particulars.

Also, earlier this year, Assange spoke briefly “about the subject matter of UFOs,” on the London based “The Guardian” site, in which he referenced these “secret UFO files” as part of “yet-to-be published parts of the cablegate archive.”

Meanwhile, the well-liked UFO sighting spot at Stonefield Seashore – situated along a picturesque stretch of the Oregon coastline -- has been “over-operate” by “people with telescopes,” say locals, owing to the current discovery of � new exoplanets” that strengthens views from each Oregon UFO “watchers” and astronomers that we are not on your own.

Podesta joins other “credible” folks who think after top rated-secret UFO files want to be released

“As someone intrigued in the issue of UFOs, I assume I have always recognized the difference in between fact and fiction,” writes Podesta in the foreword for Leslie Kean’s book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Report.”

In switch, Podesta demands that “the time to pull the curtain back again on this topic is prolonged overdue,” whilst citing how Kean “diligently contended with this perplexing subject matter for ten years while possessing to face attitudes of ridicule and denial inside of government. Nevertheless she persevered, and her book obviously leaves the taboo against using UFOs significantly with no leg to stand on.”

In flip, Oregon UFO “watchers” right here at Stonefield Seaside also notice that “things are modifying simply because of the modern discovers of new planets in our universe. We’re seeing men and women stop right here to look at the heavens in the identical way tourists cease to look at the whales. We now have the blue whales competing with UFO sightings at Stonefield, and that’s something we believed we’d never ever see in our lifetime. These are strange and interesting times,” adds retired FAA expert Bruce Weinstein who joined the Oregon UFO “watchers” last year.

WikiLeaks UFO files even now being assessment by ufologists and other experts

“We’re not sure at this point how several of the lately released WikiLeaks �,287 cables’ are tied to UFO federal government tricks,” provides Weinstein. “But it’s crystal clear that what ever Julian Assange has kept underneath wraps is of interest to a total great deal of individuals ( via huliq.com ).

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