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U.K. preparing for military strike on Iran nuclear facilities

U.K. preparing for military strike on Iran nuclear facilities

November 16, 2011 - The U.K. is raising its preparations for a military strike on Iran, the Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday. According to report, the U.K. is significantly disturbed over Tehran's nuclear program, as well as is prepping to utilize Royal Navy ships in coming fours weeks to aid a practical UNITED STATE attack on fundamental facilities in Iran.

The paper mentioned senior officials who expressed they thought Iran had regained its technical capabilities which were severely ruined in a cyber-attack last year. Iran stated the Stuxnet worm contaminated pcs of employees at the Bushehr herb, however certainly not herb's fundamental systems. The New York Times described last January that the worm was a joint Israeli-U.S. hard work to weaken Iran's nuclear passions.

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Israel tells Iran: Choose between a bomb or survival

JERUSALEM - A senior Israeli cabinet minister on Monday said Iran must be forced to face an existential question over its nuclear drive: choose between getting an atomic bomb, or survival. "We believe that in order to stop the Iranian military nuclear project, the regime in Tehran should face a dilemma - whether to have a bomb or to survive,"...

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