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UN report leaked: Assad behind chemical attack

UN report leaked: Assad behind chemical attack

September 12, 2013 - UN report on infamous Damascus chemical attack to be published Monday. Information leaked by UN diplomatic to Foreign Policy says 'rich' sample collected, indirectly implicating Assad as responsible for the attack.

A report by United Nations inspectors probing an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria will "probably" be published on Monday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.

The UN inspectors left Syria on August 31 after collecting samples as part of their probe into the now infamous August 21 chemical weapons attack in a suburb of the Syrian capital. According to a story published by Foreign Policy Magazine on Thursday, the inspectors have found a "wealth" of circumstantial evidence on the use of chemical agents by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Regarding the expected report, Fabius hinted it would confirm much of what the West already knows. "It will say that there was a chemical massacre... There will certainly be indications" of the origins of the attack, he told French radio Thursday, adding that "Only the regime had the (chemical weapons) stocks, the (firing) vectors and the interest in doing it, so we can draw a conclusion from that."

Another official, who has knowledge of the investigation, told Foreign Policy Magazine: 'I know they have gotten very rich samples - biomedical and environmental - and they have interviewed victims, doctors and nurses.

'It seems they are very happy with the wealth of evidence they got. You can conclude from the type of evidence the [identity of the] author.'

The official, who declined to be named, did not reveal the specific agents found by the team.

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  • handy4321#

    handy4321 wrote September 14, 2013 1:41:59 AM CEST

    NWO much? Is this Kerry? Obama? lol You are such a dweeb for posting this horseshit you imbecile!

  • Thebuster893#

    Thebuster893 wrote September 13, 2013 11:58:35 PM CEST

    This story is worthy of being on the BBC Snews - British Bullshit Corporation. They love this kind of

  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 wrote September 13, 2013 5:15:35 PM CEST

    Because the UN is sooooo trustworthy. :/

    Another exposure of truth. Sponsored by Starbucks, and the Soros empire.

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye wrote September 12, 2013 6:49:27 PM CEST

    Pmsl are these supposed to be facts? What possible reason could Assad have for using chemicals on his own people? He was considered to be winning at the time of the attack, how would using weapon types that would make him a war criminal be seen in any version of reality as beneficial to him? The only parties who can gain from an illegal invasion are Al Nusra Front (who are not even Syrian) and American corporations & bankers (if the promises to them are adhered to). Also these chemicals can be made in a garage and all the surrounding countries that would like to see Assad fall have these weapons so to say the rebels don't have access to the equipment is ignorant. I would expect the UN report to be vague about who is responsable but confirm chemicals were defnintely used, then again if they have been bribed by some politician or company i would not be at all suprised, the expectation barr is set pretty low at the moment

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