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US concerned Israel will not give warning before Iran attack

US concerned Israel will not give warning before Iran attack

November 18, 2011 - BREAKING Information 22:22 Israeli lightly wounded right after stones have been thrown at her automobile near Qalqilyah (Ch. 10)

Senior U.S. military official tells CNN U.S. 'increasingly vigilant' over military developments in Iran and Israel, says 'absolutely' worried Israel could assault Iran nuclear amenities.

By Haaretz Tags: Iran Iran nuclear Iran US Benjamin Netanyahu Ehud Barak Shimon Peres

U.S. officers are involved that Israel will not alert them just before taking military action against Iran's nuclear services, a senior U.S. military official said Friday.

The official, who asked to continue to be anonymous, advised the CNN network that even though in the previous, U.S. officials believed they would obtain warning from Israel if it did consider military action towards Iran, "now that will not appear so ironclad."

Israel Air Force F-15.

The U.S. is "absolutley" anxious that Israel is getting ready an attack on Iran’s nuclear services, and this worry is escalating, CNN documented the official as saying.

The U.S. has elevated its “watchfulness” of Iran and Israel over the previous number of weeks, U.S. Central and European Instructions, which view Iranian and Israeli developments respectively, are “increasingly vigilant” at this time, in accordance to the official, and a 2nd military official who also spoke with CNN.

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