US military sick and tired of war, have no faith in government

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The US government has no more credibility with the American people and the military that are "sick and tired" of war which has now lasted for 13 years, Gordon Duff, a marine veteran has told RT.

As President Barack Obama is seeking support from Congress for military action in Syria, anti-war sentiment among the population is growing. Earlier last week, images emerged on social media purporting to show US servicemen speaking out against a looming strike against Damascus.

People wearing military uniform are seen posing in front of cameras with posters saying they did not join-up to fight with Al-Qaeda in Syria. Those pictures cannot be verified but the Pentagon is reportedly already looking into the identities of those involved.

RT discussed the issue with Gordon Duff, a marine veteran and the editor of the independent news website, Veterans Today.

RT: So, how likely do you think that these images portray people who generally serve in the US military?

Gordon Duff: Well, since we have somewhere between - the polls estimate - 50% to 70% of Americans clearly opposed to operations against Syria. And members of the military particularly lost 5,000 killed fighting the same groups in Iraq that we're supporting in Syria. So, members of the military from either side, and there are clear visions in the military, all - the left and the right - none of them have any reason to support Syrian rebels.

As for those people that we were seeing, I have no more verification than you do; the uniforms and medals look legitimate. We hear a lot of feeling about this from the military and there have been some very strong opinions from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, that he is strongly opposed toward military action in Syria ( via ).

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