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United States of Europe: EU was created by the CIA

United States of Europe: EU was created by the CIA

November 7, 2013 - Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.

The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.

The documents were found by Joshua Paul, a researcher at Georgetown University in Washington. They include files released by the US National Archives. Washington's main tool for shaping the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe , created in 1948. The chairman was Donovan, ostensibly a private lawyer by then.

The vice-chairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA director in the Fifties. The board included Walter Bedell Smith, the CIA's first director, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and officials who moved in and out of the CIA. The documents show that ACUE financed the European Movement, the most important federalist organisation in the post-war years. In 1958, for example, it provided 53.5 per cent of the movement's funds.

The European Youth Campaign, an arm of the European Movement, was wholly funded and controlled by Washington. The Belgian director, Baron Boel, received monthly payments into a special account. When the head of the European Movement, Polish-born Joseph Retinger, bridled at this degree of American control and tried to raise money in Europe, he was quickly reprimanded.

The leaders of the European Movement - Retinger, the visionary Robert Schuman and the former Belgian prime minister Paul-Henri Spaak - were all treated as hired hands by their American sponsors. The US role was handled as a covert operation. ACUE's funding came from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations as well as business groups with close ties to the US government.

The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE in the late Fifties. The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth.

It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which "adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable".

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  • Rev165#

    Rev165 wrote November 10, 2013 2:20:03 AM CET

    we are all on the way towards a one world it an evolution of humanity if you will, and long overdue....

  • Rev165#

    Rev165 wrote November 10, 2013 2:19:58 AM CET

    we are all on the way towards a one world it an evolution of humanity if you will, and long overdue....

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye wrote November 9, 2013 3:34:52 PM CET

    If the UK doesn't leave the EU soon we will go down with the ship. The problem there is that we will be politically isolated then as it would not go down well with the US and could well further collapse the EU economy driving a wedge between us & our neighbours. I would take that any day though over paying £20m per day to the EU, i think we need to stand alone to beat this financial monster created by the rampant kleptocratic governments of the world (one of the worst of which is the UK admittedly)

  • Caz240#

    Caz240 wrote November 9, 2013 2:56:44 PM CET

    Actually the EU was written by the NAZI's 1942 in Spain!!! Hitler wanted a one world government!!! The Nazis didn't lose the war, they went to America to CONTINUE their work. The day WW2 ended was the day the western world adopted the Nazi regime. We already have sodium fluoride in our drinking water something Hitler was very fond in giving his POW's OUR soldiers because it made them docile and stupid and easy to manage. It took away their will to want to escape and made them more accepting of what they were told rather than question, it took away their ability to critically think. He created the "sheeple" how infected are you?

  • Spikey#

    Spikey wrote November 8, 2013 12:36:47 PM CET

    All the more reason to get out of this contrived American money pot.

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