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In April, I was interviewed for collection 2 of the Canadian Television Background Channel documentary show 'Weird Or What?", presented by actor William Shatner. The subject matter was the Peruvian Ica Stones and their achievable relationship to Atlantis, which was a thing of a diversion from my regular material.  The filming location was in the Senate House at University University, London, which supplied a excellent backdrop. I also took the time to check out the Historical Mesopotamian exhibits at the British Museum over the highway, to acquire pictures of Winged Disks and so on.

The show is at present being aired in North America, and on the Discovery Channel in Europe (Series 2, Episode 10):

Episode 10 Description:  "Three ancient artifacts that could flip the history of the world upside down: In a Mexican cave, a young woman finds a bizarrely-formed thousand-year-outdated skull that might demonstrate aliens when walked the world featuring detailed images of dinosaurs, a Peruvian medical doctor discovers historical stone carvings that could rewrite the tale of evolution and, excavated from one of Cairo’s oldest pyramids, a 2000-year-old wooden design could be proof that historic Egyptians invented contemporary flight."

Notice that my good friend and fellow author Lloyd Pye also appears on the same episode, speaking about the Starchild Skull. The show is accessible on the Net the following:

I was also interviewed by Kevin Moore earlier this year for a new British television talk-show.  Regrettably, it appears, there have been some creation concerns to do with the movie which made the recording below regular for actual television broadcasting.  It truly is a shame, simply because it was a really very good interview. The Moore Show team have uploaded the comprehensive job interview onto YouTube.  See if you can figure out what is mistaken with it:

It is with disappointment that I report to my readers the untimely demise of Alan Alford. His passing was announced by family members through his Facebook account this week, and I have also been in contact with his friend Lloyd Pye about this stunning news today - so it seems to be genuine, regrettably.

Alan wrote some quite powerful textbooks, at first about Zecharia Sitchin's idea, and then about his very own notions of the origin of faith and myth. His book 'Gods of the New Millennium' was the text which first released me to Sitchin - whose work was not really nicely appreciated the following in the United kingdom. Alan's guides had been extensively investigated, clearly written, and very, extremely deep. He packed in a huge prosperity of references, significantly of it obscure and esoteric. His textbooks are one thing of a goldmine for different information researchers, and the questions he raised were wide-ranging and profound.

Even though Alan hailed from the West Midlands, in latest years he had gotten absent from it all relatively, having taken up residence in Kathmandu, Nepal. He had just lately been finishing his latest book, which has been a lengthy time in coming, and will with any luck , nevertheless see the light of day.

I met Alan only when - at a UFO convention in Leeds - and had on/off e mail correspondence with him over the years. Even though I was not notably delighted with the direction his research took him in, or his later on denunciation of Sitchin's theories, I will miss his studious, enlightened personality, and the reliable contribution his scholarship represented in our field of research. My thoughts are with his wife immediately after this untimely decline. Rest in Peace, Alan.

An Italian astrophysicist has offered up the existence of a massive Planet X human body as a answer to an orbital anomaly to do with the Moon. It would seem counter-intuitive that such a distant object could truly cause this sort of an influence, but the maths exhibits that it looks to be the minimum unlikely chance! Other bodies in the solar system can't describe the increasing eccentricity of the lunar orbit measured by Lunar Laser Ranging over the last 38 years (1). The knowledge is compelling, and Lorenzo Iorio has attempted a amount of distinct remedies to aid describe the anomaly. None of them operates, apart from one:  World X. But for this to be the remedy, the undiscovered world would require to be the two enormous and reasonably close by, by cosmic standards at least:

"In principle, a viable applicant would be a putative trans-Plutonian substantial object (PlanetX/Nemesis/Tyche), just lately revamped to accommodate specific attributes of the architecture of the Kuiper belt and of the distribution of the comets in the Oort cloud, since it would cause a non-vanishing extended-phrase variation of the eccentricity. Really, the values for its mass and distance necessary to make clear the empirically decided enhance of the lunar eccentricity would be hugely unrealistic and in contrast with the most latest viable theoretical eventualities for the existence of such a physique ( via darkstar1.co.uk ).

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