Wall St. protesters shut down Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge Wall Brooklyn Nypd

A horde of Wall Street demonstrators shut down the Brooklyn Bridge for 2 1/2 several hours this afternoon, halting site visitors and clashing as cops arrested as several as 700 on the famed span’s roadway.

About 100 vehicles had been left stranded as the loud, angry crowd covered the crossing from conclude to stop in an inflamed day of demonstrations versus large unemployment, financial institution bailouts and financial pain for the masses.

One irate driver, a Floor Zero construction worker, blasted the pedestrians.

“I work my ass off all day, and these goddamned hippies close down the Brooklyn Bridge so I can’t get home?” he mentioned. “This ain’t right!”

The rowdy protestors, who have continuously tussled with police in the two weeks they’ve spent downtown, made their way via the rain from Zuccotti Park to City Corridor, exactly where the NYPD locked the park gates and diverted them elsewhere.

The crowd bottlenecked at the entrance to the bridge, tying up targeted traffic as they slowly oozed across in a bid to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

According to police, the NYPD arrested over 700 protesters in the course of the demonstration.

"About halfway across the bridge, a bunch of folks took the highway," mentioned Occupy Wall Street protester Yaeir Heber, 22. "It was planned, at some point, to cease traffic and they did it midway and then when they did that cops started out arresting men and women."

At some point police hauled away hundreds of protestors, who were allegedly a menace to motorists, into custody.

They cleared vehicles from the bridge, making area for paddy wagons and at least four MTA buses, loading protesters, their wrists bound with plastic zip ties, aboard.

Demonstrators lit up Twitter, slamming the NYPD for allegedly arresting younger teens and cramming people into vans "with no air."

Occupy Wall Street urged people to give them data about officers who have been making arrests ( via nypost.com ).

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