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Where in the world are people most depressed?

Where in the world are people most depressed?

November 10, 2013 - For those who think of depression as a byproduct of the vapidity of western materialism, this latest study by researchers in Queensland might come as something of a shock. Depression simply isn't that picky. And when it comes to depressive disorders, parts of north Africa and the Middle East suffer more than North America and western Europe.

According to the researchers, who gathered pre-existing data on clinical diagnoses up to 2010, Algeria, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan fared worse for the cumulative number of years their citizens lived with the disability of depression (YLD). (For the Middle East countries, bear in mind that this relates to data gathered before the Arab spring turned lives upside down).

Japan fared the best, along with Australia and New Zealand. The researchers caveated their work by acknowledging that data is patchy from some parts of the world. Intriguingly, the UK and US - countries in which reporting on mental illness and cultural reflections of depression are rapidly multiplying - appear to be far less badly afflicted than parts of Africa and eastern Europe.

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  • miketofdal#

    miketofdal wrote November 12, 2013 12:07:03 AM CET

    I think I agree with REDeye. Perhaps I expect too much, but where is the context and source of the referenced study, beyond "researchers in Queensland?" Basic information like who (exactly) performed the study? Who funded the study? How, exactly, did "researchers in Queensland" reach their conclusions? Were there any assumptions about the topic prior to the study? How do I know that the map has anything to do with the referenced study? I definitely appreciate that there is much to learn about the world around us, but I also appreciate being provided with sources, especially when the information is being spoon-fed to me.

    Sorry, but I never accept a single post as fact. My mantra: "verify, verify, verify...and then ask clarifying questions."

    All the best -

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye wrote November 11, 2013 4:09:26 PM CET

    I think it is not as straight forward as it is made to look here. For a start he is comparing war torn regions to consumer based societies and saying that the fact they are herder hit by depression directly relates to their level of consumption. The problems these countries face are more direct, widespread and shocking so of course depression will be worse there

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