World Gripped By Anti-Government Riots; America Next?

Unrest Riots Collapse Financial

The planet is in a never-ending cycle of anti-government revolt as riots that plagued Europe last year now distribute like wildfire by way of the Center East and past, threatening to speed up bloody clashes and force the hand of authorities as the chance of a new Tiananmen Square-design massacre grows ever likelier. Is The usa next in line to experience unrest that has touched almost every corner of the planet?

Our prediction three years back, dependent on UN documents, which was made 6 months just before the collapse of Lehman brothers, that the globe would be strike by substantial foods riots and anti-government unrest in the aftermath of an financial collapse, is now unfolding at an astonishing tempo.

The most recent countries to be enveloped by the chaos are Tunisia, Egypt, and now Yemen, whose population are demanding the ouster of 30-year President Ali Abdullah Saleh in a protest in opposition to poverty and lack of political freedom.

The unrest in Yemen was inspired by a well-liked uprising in Tunisia earlier this month that led to the ejection of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, figurehead of a government accused of abusing their power to enrich themselves while the poverty gripped the rest of the country. Ben Ali was forced to flee the country and the interim federal government has now issued an international arrest warrant for the President and his wife.

Riots in Tunisia have been speedily adopted by mass protests in Egypt demanding an end to President Mubarek’s program. Four folks have died as demonstrators engaged in violent clashes with police and set fire to federal government structures.

Apart from The united states there has barely been an location of the planet that hasn’t been strike by riots and unrest in the last 6 months, as the fallout from the financial collapse begins to be felt amongst the sufferers of the monetary terrorists that launched an assault characterised by falling wages, high unemployment, spiraling inflation and foods rates as well as crippling austerity cuts.

The value of staples like wheat, corn and soybeans is heading through the roof as countries ever more rely on imports from the U.S. to offset the influence of global unrest.

Back again in early 2008, just before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the start of the monetary crisis, we warned that inflation and economic uncertainty would cause inflation to skyrocket and foodstuff costs to explode, which would lead to riots globally.

In June of last year, shortly just before mass unrest hit Europe in countries like France, Italy and the United Kingdom, we forecast that, “The imminent onset of so-referred to as austerity actions, which in fact stand for nothing at all a lot more than an elevated stage of government-run looting of the taxpayer, would herald an “age of rage,” primary to “riots and even revolutions as folks react with fury in response to their work, price savings, fundamental public services, pensions and welfare cash currently being seized by the monetary terrorists who brought on the financial collapse in the first place.”

That “age of rage” is now taking part in out across the world, with governments currently being toppled left, proper and center as financial turmoil forces desperate folks to revolt in a bid to rescue any kind of respectable dwelling normal ( via ).