X-Files Actor to Premiere Conspiracy Documentary

UFO Haglund Documentary Premiere

THE Reality IS OUT THERE, a new feature-duration documentary about odd and controversial conspiracy theories by actor/executive producer Dean Haglund, will have its U.S. premiere on Saturday, May 21, at The Retro Dome in San Jose, California. The movie follows Haglund as he travels the globe, interviewing conspiracy theorists who imagine in every little thing from UFO abductions to secret 9/11 plots by the U.S. authorities.

"We consider to find what the truth is, even although folks who think the very same point frequently contradict every other," explained Haglund. "There is certainly a very great line amongst what is valid and what has worth. There is worth in each and every point of look at, but there is validity in just some factors of look at."

No stranger to conspiracies, Haglund is best identified as Langley, one of the personal computer-hacking Lone Gunmen in the previous strike Tv sequence The X-Files and the Lone Gunmen's very own spin-off collection. An improvisational comic by instruction, he felt that it was important to approach the serious concerns raised in the documentary with a sense of humor.

"Humor can lower nearer to what is genuine than just a collection of hard-hitting facts," he explained. "By way of my improvisational comedic training, I have the capability to maintain the duality of what is accurate and not accurate at the identical time. That arrives in extremely helpful when making an attempt to examine some of the conspiracies in the film."

Haglund's documentary had its entire world premiere on April 30 at the British Movie Institute in London, where it obtained rave evaluations. "THE Real truth IS OUT THERE is a phone to all keen for more information and new insights," wrote Anastasia Hansen of the German publication The Junction. "It is not THE fact that is out there, but rather a number of truths that wait around to be learned ( via movies.broadwayworld.com ).