Yemen: US Embassy Stormed By Over 5000 Protesters

Compound Protesters Embassy Spread

Protesters have stormed the US embassy in Yemen as demonstrations about an anti-Muslim film spread in the Middle East.

Over 5,000 protesters are trying to get into the US compound in Sanaa, according to local reports.

Hundreds got past two police barricades and managed to get through the main gate into the building.

They were then driven back by security forces firing weapons into the air. TV pictures showed Yemenis trying to scale walls to get back into the compound.

The violence came a day after the US embassy was attacked in Libya, and there are fears protests will spread to other countries in the Muslim world.

US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials died as gunmen fired rocket-propelled grenades and set fire to the compound in Benghazi.

The US is investigating whether it was a co-ordinated terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity ( via ).