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  • Heckubis#

    Heckubis wrote June 9, 2014 9:52:14 PM CEST

    Well i wont be commenting on any videos anymore because even if they ask for comments or not it will get deleted
    its funny when a place like disclosure is so closed minded that they cant accept the opinions of others.
    so you guys can worship all your badly edited low quality videos if its on Disclosure its probably fake and they dont like it when you can see the fakes or the lack of research put into the contribution.
    Closed minded people reject any other idea and this is exactly what you guys are doing if your not actually open for discussion.
    i will however mark one star for every video i come across that is available in better rezolution but given in lowquality because it covers your editing lines
    I will mark 1 star for copied from TV videos (i may appreciate the video just not someone taking the credic for anothers work)
    I will mark 1 star for i found this on google earth anything (your rendering problems on your computer are your problem not a conspiracy)
    I will mark 1 star for any Christian propaganda Muslim Propaganda or Jewish Propaganda(yours is a religion that copies other religions then calls them Satanic or worse) read your history your religion is a means of government built on the faiths of others and you cant seem to understand WHY YOUR LEADERS CALL YOU SHEEP you are being Fleeced open your EYES Learn to Learn Not just fallow the pack

  • Heckubis#

    Heckubis wrote May 28, 2014 1:36:18 AM CEST

    U means Unidentified, F means Flaying, O means Object.
    i agree that there are organic or biological aspects to some observed objects but whether the object is a ship missle satellite or bird or even a giant space hamster. dose not reduce the fact that is Unidentified it is flying and it is by standard definitions an object (i personally believe that not all objects exist strictly to our 4 dimensional understaning and may only be observable when we are near the objects extra dimensional variance)
    but the definition of ufo only being a construct of materials and parts from another planet shows a short sightedness in the effort to understand the phenomenon
    Demon means from a different Dimension
    Alien means Foreign not necessarily as a matter of country or planet but even ideas can be alien