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  • marthadog#

    marthadog wrote November 20, 2012 2:42:14 AM CET

    my partner and i were privilaged to witness a fantastic right angled streak in the sky which became a pair of diamond shaped lights with a brighter, circular centre, swoop silently over the road beside our house as we stargazed one clear night,
    they flew like birds courting, except it was 1.00 am and they were going at least 100+ mph as they flew in paralell, at one point they were criss crossing each others path in a helix like fashion. they circled the house at an amazing speed and then tumbled and spiraled upwards and danced across the sky at even greater speeds. then they just stopped in a flash and just hung there about 500ft directly obove our heads emitting an intense white light which illuminated the atmosphere all around. they appeared to us to be approximately 5 times the magnitude of jupiter (which was just to the east of them) and appeared to be around 3 times the diameter of jupiter (as seen from the same position) and you could clearly see that they were in our atmoshpere and fairly close.
    they hung there for about 30 seconds then just started drifting slowly over our heads and dimming to a point where they appeeared to become solid spherical objects. they continued to drift and dim for another minute or so until they were gone. it was the best thing either of us have ever seen. the entire event lasted less than 3 minutes and the only footage i got was with my k800 phone cam.