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    Jobe;52784697 wrote January 12, 2014 2:55:04 PM CET

    just a energy source etc.. they have know for a long while etch cheers man Ancients are lazt ..they don't want to dig etc.. we should always know that gold will heal us and earth they are scared etc.. of us energy... etc..sound the future is unwrittenKeep it up man your onto it stop ..all evil shit going on expose the truth debunkers media etc,... evil bastards fuck them... my whole towns gone government decontrol crazy town.. the mayor lyons has picture of Diania .. I went to school with him he sucked the.. and
    d I wouldn't make a living out of invading privacy.. the royals guilty of slavery my case for sur Grand parents murdered and old folks brought to the land not quite right for picking until now it will be Geelong Queensland Adelaide geelong chemtrails ...Magigic mushroom alternatives under control etc old tech etc....fuck yup there plans think in light years every war is set up the ancients know it we have good and bad et as normal..kindness wins over evil..P.s girls from venus running scared will want to make out a lot.. live with a Palladium..etc.. she forced mr out to do this shit that I know ..LLoyd Pyke ..the answers are there we are better than all alien for we are a hybrids...Hoppe I don't freak you ..but I have many answers.. P.S I do not obsess on anything I'm generally on top op all quickly Chhers dude..fear is programmed etc..

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