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A human extraterrestrial participates in a radio s


Here I introduce selections of the Project Camelot - Kerry Cassidy - David Wilcock radio show aired on Dec 14, 2011.
Listen to the full show here: http://youtu.be/Wcy0X5w3KwU
Read the full transcript here: http://goo.gl/97Ko0
Read condensed transcript with the message of Anonymous here:

My book on transformation of our world view by coming disclosure: http://www.maxsteinberg.com/?page_id=2

Update 2011-12-31 Check out the follow-up commentary by Kerry Cassidy:
(this link is to send you to 5min30sec into the video)

Update 2012-01-03 There is much insight on the identity of the Anonymous.
He is both an ET and a hybrid human on Earth linked together. His names are
Allendale, Guenter and Shamus.
Check out these links for his identity and more messages:

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  • Loaded#

    Loaded January 4, 2012 7:01:06 PM CET

    at one moment there are some ??? [7:50]they didnt know what he said but i believe he said "look im interrupting my humanitarian work here" perhaps he was talking about a generalized idea of what god is? peace...? love...? tranquility? nice message but i guess there are so many lies out there today its more difficult to discernsure do hope that we'll see something in a couple days if representatives of theirs will be landing here soon?we all know that there have been plans behind the scenes being created and sought after for many many many years... would only assume that there would be an "evil" plan as well as a "good" ?stay safe/peace

  • Mandown#

    Mandown January 4, 2012 6:02:31 PM CET

    he sounds a little irish whilst useing some scottish words and phrases.he used the word god near the end . that disturbs me and maybe a clue that this is not genuine but still i hope this is genuine. i hope d wilcox will reveal that he was indeed met by a strange man a week later who asks about his safety.

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