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CAPTIVE GRAY ALIEN - Movements Analysis Part 1


CAPTIVE GRAY ALIEN - Movements Analysis 1 (640x480)

This "Video Analysis" aims to show the movements of the mucles of the larynx, neck, eyelids, chest, cheek, lips and even the breathing movements of the EBE.

I myself have never seen such a so perfect video. Not even on those from Hollywood screens.
The Captive Gray Alien video was not to be uploaded. It was a big error! The guy crossed the line and next he had to find a way out ending at his 8 Files uploaded 1 year later.
I'll repeat: the Dossier (5 Parts) has to be read if you really want each and every detail of this case. There are all links and details I know.

Here is what he's got in his attempt of a cover up of this real video; tell me if (ONE YEAR LATER) it's the same thing you see here ?!!




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  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 14, 2010 12:15:56 AM CEST

    Yes... Roughly three years ago.Doc

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 14, 2010 12:15:20 AM CEST

    "This user has no videos"So, this user deserves no Comment.Doc

  • Miami#

    Miami September 7, 2010 8:54:42 PM CEST

    Doc,rememember the Mesa Archuleta and the 1979 incident at Dulce.They turn their backs and make a stomach rubbing motion that conducts a high temperature current that burns the soldiers.P.S.Have you heard about Reptlians?They fly a triangular craft like Belgium in the early !960's red orbs to transport in.God's speed.Miami

  • Miami#

    Miami September 7, 2010 8:42:02 PM CEST

    Doc,this is Miami I got a group that specializes in high temperature lightweight body armor.I worked with N.A.T.O.Contact us at Axontibc@yahoo.com Keep up the good work.We only use clean money.

  • Miami#

    Miami September 4, 2010 5:47:15 PM CEST

    The 2nd chair(0 gravity aluminum crystal structure light strong)these things can conduct energy through their bodies and burn you.Call UFO Hunters

  • Geno44#

    Geno44 August 12, 2010 2:24:50 PM CEST

    I must admit. This clip has always intrigued me. Would cost a lot of money to make. So for what purpose. If fake ?

  • Marthalien#

    Marthalien August 10, 2010 3:52:10 PM CEST

    Very intriguing.Even today. Thre's what? Three years?

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove April 5, 2010 4:58:24 PM CEST

    "the creatures movements down to the eyes blinking is to precise. too much detail for amateurs to just "put together"".That's what I've been trying to show all this time... but it seems people prefer to put this into the CGI account. Stupid people...If one person could ever reach such perfection in each and every detail I have pointed out through my Analysis... "his next work" was supposed to be a "boom" all over the previous "works".But it's not what happened.Go to my "photos section" and read The Dossier I have made about this event. A chronological sequence is there into this Dossier, as well as his third attempt "to create" another gray alien (now all brown ones...).The second attempt you can find it, for example, at http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/32099/CAPTIVE_BROWN_ALIEN___The_... third attempt was that little boy walking round 'n round with a ball. That is a shame!!!Tell me: "has he lost his skill instead of improving it" along 2 years ???You tell me what you think about...Thanks for your Comment and rating."Stay around"...Doc

  • 7theseer#

    7theseer April 1, 2010 4:37:35 AM CEST

    the is either some serious government propoganda, ot this is some real shit slipped in among the fakes. the creatures movements down to the eyes blinking is to precise. too much detail for amateurs to just " put together "

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove March 26, 2010 8:41:13 PM CET

    I have already replied you on another video but..."OK ! I'll tell him this."I think he'll love it. (lol***)"Doc

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