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Strange Sound In The Sky

  • Stevcolx
  • uploaded: Oct 9, 2011
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  • Darlingcruel#

    Darlingcruel October 18, 2011 3:18:52 AM CEST

    Taking your theory into complete consideration, would it be safe to say (contrary to popular belief) that the tenants behind that door, are in fact, NOT "Devil Ray" fans? Because if they are, they clearly sound bias..,

  • Pierrotdesiles#

    Pierrotdesiles October 17, 2011 10:25:58 PM CEST

    ce bruit s'appelle "le vent" see you !!

  • Coralbay00#

    Coralbay00 October 17, 2011 8:12:53 PM CEST

    yeah i get wind a lot!!!! if it was wind howling then am sure the commentators would have sussed it or definately heard it before whilst commentating??? and spectators hair would be slightly 'ruffled'!

  • Ktm640#

    Ktm640 October 17, 2011 8:16:57 AM CEST

    They were at a baseball game so they were probably just talking in their sleep while the sound guy was using the microphone for practice as a warm-up for his part-time gig.

  • Stevcolx#

    Stevcolx October 17, 2011 8:05:11 AM CEST

    Alot of people have that problem. Especially the ones that have Flouridated water supplies!! DUH!!

  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos October 17, 2011 6:40:38 AM CEST

    Yeah dude. That's exactly what it is.

  • Aburgtv#

    Aburgtv October 17, 2011 2:16:34 AM CEST

    I hear this all the time and it appears to be coming from offshore. Where is this game at? Near water and military bases?

  • Nitro#

    Nitro October 17, 2011 12:43:24 AM CEST

    This stadium was built above a known doorway to hell.

  • Rainbow44#

    Rainbow44 October 16, 2011 11:46:33 PM CEST

    I like the fact that this video was different and it made us all think...which for some people doesn't happen too often!

  • Stevcolx#

    Stevcolx October 15, 2011 9:59:23 AM CEST

    Your probably right. The funny noises heard all over the world are just wind. Case Closed!

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