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Top Secret Alien image from UFO crash in Roswell 1947 leaked 2011

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  • uploaded: Nov 20, 2011
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  • Discufo11#

    Discufo11 November 21, 2011 3:29:08 AM CET

    Speculation: I do not believe this is Roswell... Are their any other dates involved...

  • Walt6x3#

    Walt6x3 November 21, 2011 3:22:07 AM CET

    I dont think that this is a real pic but as far as color film, In 1935, American Kodak introduced the first modern "integral tripack" color film and called it Kodachrome

  • Ufobillatgmail#

    Ufobillatgmail November 21, 2011 2:32:35 AM CET

    Looks too much like human corpses to me, but i could be wrong???

  • Pauldamo#

    Pauldamo November 21, 2011 1:10:24 AM CET

    leaked when,i had this image for about five or six years,and it's probably been on the net longer than that,it was on a ufo and alien site and they had a lot of the pictures that are fake,

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 November 21, 2011 12:40:24 AM CET

    Thats a nice quality "Color" Image from 1947 LOL Hey remember all those old images from Roswell do you think they have those old Black & White Images in High Quality and Color now too? FFSOh and could you explain and post the link from where these were LEAKED from?

  • Psychososhi#

    Psychososhi November 21, 2011 12:23:36 AM CET

    .....how exactly do you know this

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u November 21, 2011 12:02:42 AM CET

    The greys have no sexual organs. Greys are not masculine our feminine. They are artificial biological robots created by a cloning technique. So a sex orgy was the last thing on their mind. Important is that they are with 5. Because they generally travel with 6 greys, it is possible that one was still alive and on the run. This supports the rumors that this escaped grey was the basis for the story of the movie IT.

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u November 20, 2011 11:42:21 PM CET

    First color picture dates 1869 commercial color pictures date from 1930. Only the Nazi... sorry Naza ... sorry Nasa pictures are still in grayscale. Especially those of Mars and the moon. But they promised to use more advanced technology by going to the past and back engineer the technology of the 19th century.

  • Talisker#

    Talisker November 20, 2011 9:51:07 PM CET

    From what I see in the picture they are all naked.I can imagine what happened, they got horny when they found Earth,they had an orgy in the spaceship, they forgot to turn the autopilot on ...and they crashed...

  • Banker#

    Banker November 20, 2011 9:17:25 PM CET

    Only one word- FAKE

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