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UFOs Over Mexico - Close Up Night Sight - MUST SEE


  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 29, 2009 3:40:50 AM CEST

    It was not me who filmed.It just "came to me" this way; no colours (only B&W).The person who filmed said it was a kind of blue glow.Thanks for commenting !Doc

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 29, 2009 3:37:34 AM CEST

    Thanks so much for your Comment.Doc

  • Vivianezzz#

    Vivianezzz September 28, 2009 11:00:08 PM CEST

    Very good work, Mr. Doc. I rate it 5.

  • Rizze#

    Rizze September 27, 2009 1:52:09 AM CEST

    Excellent video.Made me shiver.... very good doc, love the way you zoom in.Sure I have seen this before,was it in colour the original?

  • Area52#

    Area52 September 26, 2009 9:36:28 PM CEST

    Nice close up you've got!Good work with the video.You've got it very close in deed and details easily seen!

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