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1 MILLION Reward for Best Message to Represent Us to Extraterrestrial

1 MILLION Reward for Best Message to Represent Us to Extraterrestrial

The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has announced a prize money of one million US dollars as prize money for creating the best message to represent humanity to potential extraterrestrial contacts.

One million dollars prize for a message to aliens

Some opine that writing the message in their local language would not do any good as the extra-terrestrials most probably would not understand our language. Rather the message should represent our culture, terrain, human genes, etc. which represents the planet Earth.

Fair enough, but NASA would be having the last laugh here as they most probably are in contact with more than one species of aliens and are already collaborating with them to reverse engineer their technology at their secret military bases. With so many sightings of UFOs all over this world clearly suggests that they are already here, in fact, they have been here on planet earth thousands if not millions of years ago. The ancient scriptures and literature suggest that aliens were amongst us thousands of years ago, and people on planet earth used to worship them due to their superior technology and mental prowess.

With such advanced technology the aliens would certainly understand any of our languages, in fact, it seems like they created some language in ancient cultures of Egypt, Sumerians and Aztecs etc. Not only languages and various structures they build on earth, but it is also believed that we are a part of their DNA. The Annunaki put in their DNA in human genes to create the present humans who would be intelligent enough to carry out tasks they wanted us to do, but dumb enough to question them or even think of rebelling them.

No wonder there is no concrete proof of human evolution from the apes, the vital evidence are missing as pointed out by fossil experts. I feel that this Russian billionaire is just wasting his money on this project.

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