1500 Year-Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Not Crucified, Vatican In Awe

1500 Year-Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Not Crucified, Vatican In Awe

A bible that is 1500 years old and contains the Gospel of Barnabas is said to show that the story of Jesus being crucified on the cross is a lie.

It is said, also, that he was not the son of God but was a prophet instead. Apostle Paul is referred to as an imposter. It claims that Judas was the one who was crucified and that Jesus went to heaven alive, rather than rising from the dead.

So is this real? Authorities in Tehram claim that it is. It is made of loose leather and has been written in gold lettering. It is written in Aramaic, which is said to be the language of Jesus.

Was Jesus actually crucified?

It has been rumoured that the Catholic church is responsible for this cover-up, it is said, according to sources on the net, that they had hold of all of the Gospels including the one of Barnabas, at the time of the Council of Nicea. They then decided which ones to put into the Bible that we know of today, and omitted this one of Barnabas because they did not like the story that it told.

1500 year old bible worries the Vatican

This book is said to worry the Vatican, and they have requested that they can have access to the book. They would like to runt tests on it themselves to ascertain just how authentic it is. They are not prepared to take the world of someone else on a matter so delicate as this. After al, if it turns out that this is authentic, our entire history of religion would have to be rewritten as the stories we know could not be true.

While the headers of the Catholic church are worried, many are looking at this as good news. It means that they can interpret the Bible as to how they see fit. Would this not lead to wide spread immoral behaviour? It remains to be seen.