2 Billion Year Old 'Nuclear Reactor' Found In Africa

2 Billion Year Old 'Nuclear Reactor' Found In Africa

When people hear about Africa they most likely think about the more unfortunate and depressing issues, such as the fact that they are the poorest continents by a longshot and that many of their people do not live past their teens or mid to late 20s, because of the lack of funds and the corrupted government that continues to run the show in Africa.

There is another issue that should be coming to people's minds now however and it involves one of the most historical finds ever that has remained dormant in Africa for what is believed to be 2 billion years.

Unique Discovery In Africa

The artifact that researchers have found in Africa is believed to be a two billion year old nuclear reaction. The story goes like such: in 1972 a worker had noticed something very off during his time there. He had noticed the element, Uranium obtained from a mineral source in Africa and was extremely shocked at seeing this finding because the mineral seemed to have 3 different isotopes, which is highly unusual. This greatly shocked the researchers.

Oklo Nuclear Reactor Natural Fission

In other parts of the Earth, the existence of uranium only exists in about less than one percent of the Earth's crust, which makes this find even more astonishing yet unusual. The findings of the uranium were found in the French colony known as Gabon, which is located in the West African area. The typical measurement of uranium has a make up of about.720, however the uranium found in Africa has a make up of about.717 of the Earth's crust, which was quickly noticed by the researchers. The research that they found after analyzing this find is extremely devastating and even more dangerous, due to the kind of firepower they were dealing with this entire time. According to the research, the uranium they found was strong enough to create half a dozen nuclear bombs. Researchers from across the world quickly came to this area to study thoroughly about the reasoning behind this highly potent mineral and why it had the chemical makeup that it did. The area where the uranium was found was also extremely unique, because it was located in an advanced subterranean nuclear that goes beyond any scientific advancements that humans have come across.

Gabon Natural Nuclear Reactor Oklo Fission

Researchers believe that the nuclear reaction has been there for at least 1.8 billion years and has been operated for well over 500,000 years in the distant past. Public speeches have been made for anyone to listen to. Researchers continue to come out publicly about this finding. When comparing the capabilities of nuclear firepower in the 21st century, this nearly 2 billion year old nuclear reactor is still much stronger and it is not even close. Who could have possibly made such a devastatingly power reactor in times where technology were believed to be so weak and poor? The radioactive wastes have also somehow managed to stay right where they were.

Reator Nuclear De 2 Bilhes Anos Oklo Natural Fission Reactor

Scientists will continue to look into the situation, however Africa may be making much more money and obtaining popularity for one of the most unique reasons ever. Why they remained in Africa while this was being made is an unusual reason as well.

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