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60 Metal Cubes With Strange Inscriptions Pulled From Cov River

60 Metal Cubes With Strange Inscriptions Pulled From Cov River

Finding buried treasure is the stuff of fairytales and movies, or at least that's what Will Read, a magnet fisherman, thought. It was while out with his two young sons at a river in Coventry, sifting through shallow water when he discovered almost 60 mysterious cubes made of lead, all with strange and intriguing inscriptions.

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Mysterious Discovery

When the Cubes first emerged, the 38-year-old from Finham, thought the cubes were just random pieces of debris littering the bottom of the River Sowe in South Coventry. However, as soon as he, and his two sons Jackson, five, and Benjamin, seven, took a closer look on Friday, they noticed the detailed engravings that covered the faces of the squares. As their daily activity together during lockdown, Will takes his boys out magnet fishing. They usually find keys, pennies, and odd bits of metal, which is how that day started out but then they saw what they thought were tiles, but then once they pulled them out for a closer inspection, it was clear they were much more interesting.

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Origin and Purpose

Once they had got back to their house, cleaned up the cubes, and dried them off, Will decided to post some images on Facebook and Reddit, asking if anyone could offer any information on them. At first, the responses were all over the place with peoples’ imaginations running wild. Eventually, though, the general consensus seems to be that they're Indian in origin and used for prayer or ritual which leads to them being thrown into running water.

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Other than a different face on one side, all of the cubes are identical, which according to responses, as well as the Shrivinayaka Astrology website, could possibly mean they contain a numerical formula to summon the protection of Rahu, which is a planet with God-like powers. Rahu’s sphere of control includes thieves, magicians, snakes, poison, jails, and isolated places, among other things.

Further information provided reveals that the characters that cover the cubes are in fact Sanskrit, the liturgical language of Hinduism, and show ‘yantra’, which are mystical diagrams that are often used for worship and prayer rituals. It was believed that worshippers who placed the “magic cube” into running water would receive Rahu’s protection from hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness, and deceit. Why they were in a river in Coventry then, no one knows!

While Will and his family now have some more information on these mysterious lead cubes, the puzzle is far from finished. There's still no way to date these cubes or understand why so many of them would be piled up in a quiet river in Coventry. Will has already returned to the secluded location he found the cubes and had dug up more treasure, including a silver coin and further cubes. Now having over 60 of the relics, he plans on searching fully to see how many more cubes he can find.