7 Influential events that will happen by the end of September

7 Influential events that will happen by the end of September

Is something truly earth-shaking just looming over the horizon? Recently, many people have identified signs that something will occur during the latter half of this year.

An example of this worry is Jade Helm, a very large and involved military exercise that took place in the American Southwest during the summer. Others cite the incoming fourth blood moon and the end of the Shemitah cycle. Political turmoil surrounding the United Nations and the U.S. Government as we enter the election season is a further cause for concern.

It is amazing to witness such a combination of events occur during the latter half of 2015. Are we about to see a tremendous change in our world? Is all of this random or planned somehow? Only time will reveal what will come to pass.

Late June to Early July - The Supreme Court has the case of legalizing gay marriage. Many believe that the court will, in fact, legalize gay marriage. Some worry that this key decision will have a deep impact in our country.

July 15th to September 15th - The U.S. Special Operations Command will sponsor an "eight-week exercise" that includes special forces, such as the Navy Seals, and Green Berets throughout various states such as Arizona, Texas, Utah, Florida and other states.

July 28th - According to the Wall Street Journal, the EU stated on May 28 that some of the European Union countries in the EU "should adopt new rules for winding down failing banks." Countries such as France and Italy were listed as needing these types of rules for their respective banking sectors. Is the EU worried about more bank failures and the effect the will have on the Eurozone?

September 13th - This is the last day of the Shemitah year, which is Elul 29 in the Biblical calendar. Could a stock market crash occur around this date? On Sept. 17, 2001, and Sept. 29, 2008, the stock market plummeted 684 and 777 points respectively. A stock market crash could occur within weeks of this particular date.

September 15th - Thr United Nations begins the 70th session of the General Assembly. Reports have surfaced that France will introduce a resolution for the creation of a Palestinian state. How would the United States vote on such a resolution?

September 25th to 27th - The United Nations plans on creating a new sustainable living agenda for the whole world. This new "agenda" brings into focus issues about the economy, gender equality, environment, and other areas. The Pontiff of the Catholic Church will deliver a major speech that will introduce this sweeping agenda.

September 28th - Finally, the last of the four blood moons will take place. This coincides with the first day of the Biblical, Feast of Tabernacles. Also, it will be a "supermoon" that can be seen from Jerusalem. Some do not see the importance of this astronomical event. A similar series of eclipses occurred around the time of the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70.

All of this may be of no concern to you. Just as any work of art takes some time to reveal itself so can these events potentially foretell an amazing event on the horizon. Forewarned is forearmed. Please prepare yourself wisely.

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