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"Abducted and Furious" - Interview with abductee

"Abducted and Furious" - Interview with abductee

UFO Garage interviews Lisa O'Hara, author of "Abducted and Furious: How I fought back and how you can too". She is one of a growing number of abductees who have been able to become aware of their situation, and are now opposing the extraterrestrial that have forced themselves, and their agenda, into otherwise normal lives.

"I think I've had contact my whole life... I would have these really wild dreams... I'd wake up, I'd be sleepwalking, just stuff like that... I felt something in my room one night... 'that's the ETs, they're here to take you away'...

I do not want to be in this position. First I was scared, and then I was really mad... Who do you think you are, coming into my house and taking me?!"

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