Abnormal Lightning Storm Hit Southern California: 1,500 Strikes In 5 Minutes

Abnormal Lightning Storm Hit Southern California: 1,500 Strikes In 5 Minutes

Lightning is one of those things that nature offers. It's something spectacular that can always be admired from a distance and usually doesn't happen too often so when it does, its wise to watch out and enjoy it while it lasts. For the residents of South California though, they are probably sick of the stuff by now.

What happened?

On Tuesday night, a plethora of thunderstorms that stretched from southern Kern County past the Channel Islands was producing a dramatic lightning show in the Southern California sky. The National Weather Service (NWS) stated that at one point during the night storms, they recorded 1,489 pulses of lightning in just five minutes off the California coast. Just in case anyone doesn't realize, that is NOT normal! That is also an incredible amount of lightning in such a short space of time. The rain inundating parts of California on Tuesday evening and Wednesday was part of a weather system fueled by another atmospheric river, which explains the severe and “freak” weather, especially the storms.

Lightning can also be quite dangerous though. During this storm, power was briefly knocked out at three terminals at Los Angeles International Airport. What's more, is that it even struck a plane! Luckily, no one on the plane was injured and the Delta flight to Seattle returned to the airport. Passengers were later able to board a different plane and continue on to their original destination.

What did it look like?

It's needless to say, such amounts of lighting would have offered up an absolutely spectacular view. The sight from space was amazing, as was the view from the southern California coast with lightning crashing everywhere. This intense weather system is one to behold. Check out an image of it below.

Lightning Thunderstorm

What an amazing show! This isn't something you see every day and I've certainly never seen anything like it in my lifetime, that’s for sure. That said, I can't say that I would want to be right in it.

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