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Aliens? 800-Year-Old Ancient 'Mobile Cell Phone' Found In Austria

Aliens? 800-Year-Old Ancient 'Mobile Cell Phone' Found In Austria

It is not difficult to remember your first mobile phone and it can be a simple phone what was good for texting and calling or receiving.

Before 1990, it was difficult for people to think of the mobile phone. Maybe some engineers or scientist were working then to make the dream live. But recently, a peculiar thing was discovered which looks like a mobile phone or it is called the statue of the mobile or cell phone. It was discovered from Austria and then the news becomes viral. That thing was similar to the Nokia mobile which launched before. No one must not call that a device. The researcher believes that the thing is from 13th Century. When the mobile phone was launched in the market, it looked this thing.

Photo of an 800-year-old alien 'Mobile Cell Phone'?

This is a black statue and it has keyboard and screen but those things do not work or response. In the button and screen, there are some texts and letters are appeared which are similar to Iran or Iraq’s letter. The UFO expert, Danial Munoz demanded that it must be a cell phone. Now, this thing is back dated and that is why it found fallen. There are some other similar devices found from the same place. No one originally says much about these things and the video on the peculiar mobile is found in YouTube. Com also.

Brand unknown of the ancient mobile phone

Now people are throwing different questions to the researchers to know the correct answer to their queries. Some people want to know about the device’s relation with the UFO and Alien. Actually, researcher cannot understand what that thing where it is used for. May be it will be possible to know about the true in future or we never know about this. If it is a mobile phone which civilization used this thing or this thing has any relation with UFO or Alien.

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