Altamaha-ha [The Only Guide You'll Ever Need]

Altamaha-ha [The Only Guide You'll Ever Need]

Name: Altamaha-ha

Alias: Altie

First Reported: 1736

Location: Altamaha River, Georgia

Altie’s Origin

The Altamaha-ha river monster’s, or Altie’s, story begins in the early 1700s before the arrival of English settlers. The Tama Indian tribe lived near and often visited the Altamaha river, one of the largest in Georgia. Rumors started to circulate. Did a giant, snake-like creature live in the water? Both the Tama and Creek Indians claim to have seen the creature.

When a group of new settlers arrived from Scotland in 1736, they named the land New Inverness, eventually renaming it Darien. Interestingly enough, Inverness, Scotland is a town known for frequent Loch Ness Monster sightings. And probably how Altie got the nickname Georgia’s Loch Ness Monster.

Are these Scottish settlers simply better at noticing monsters in the water? Or, did their imaginations run wild in both Loch Ness and the Altamaha river? Most likely, a combination of both. Altie and Nessie are described in many of the same ways. The creatures are likely more similar than they are different, and the people from Inverness likely accidentally fabricated some of their characteristics.


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