Amazon Indians Say That A Hollow Subterranean Earth Exists

Amazon Indians Say That A Hollow Subterranean Earth Exists

An Amazonian tribe, Macuxi Indians, believes that there is an underworld beneath the Earth as recently as 100 years ago. Is this folklore or truth? There could be some truth in it. Perhaps there are even inhabitants beneath the Earth.

Amazon Indians and the World Underground

These inhabitants are the descendants of the Sun God, Giants. How did they get there? They went through a cave and 13-15 days later they reached inner Earth. The Macuxi have another role by protecting the cave entrance and preventing others from entering underneath. The inside of this world is very bright, light and sunlight.

Even in this underworld, there is a place to grow fruits, oak, mangos, bananas and other plants. But there are dangerous areas to avoid like boiling stone and streams. Could this legend be true? The Macuxi have been known as guardians of gold and diamonds.

This sounds like the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This also to me sounds like a version of heaven and earth. Heaven - the brightness, food and sun qualities and hell - boiling stone, streams and dangerous. Most cultures and religions have some heaven and hell belief. This seems like the Macuxis' belief in an underworld. It is interesting to see how the sun is incorporated in the underworld. What should be dark, scary and neverending, is bright and full of hope, like other religions which offer hope and a future for all.

Kircher Mundus Subterraneus In Xii Libros Digestus Rist Anast Amsterdam 1678

What comparisons can be done to other tribes or religions? Do other groups have similar oral stories like these? What traits do the Macuxi Indians use in their everyday life? Do they have the same crops that were in the underworld? Where do the earthly lives intertwine with the spiritual/underworld life? And how are the Macuxi chosen for passage to the underworld? Perhaps this is the passage from death to afterlife.

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