American Civil War is Here...

Time to become a pepper and get some guns, because the globalists are all in against Trump and America.

60+ days of riots in Portland and other democrat cities.

Continual destruction of our history and changing the meaning of words are classic examples of an overthrow in progress.

Words are violence to these globalist sell outs and yet riots and burning down buildings is 'peaceful protests'

Police trying to enforce civil society are being demonized and attacked.

The Democrats have gone all in AGAINST AMERICA. Look at their cities, homeless, jobless, and over taxed literal cesspools as you have to watch not to step in human excrement the majority of the time!

The Democrats are all about helping illegals, getting rid of our borders, getting rid of our cops, promoting mob violence, wanting to disarm lawful citizens, demonize lawful citizens for defending their lives and or homes, letting criminals go free without charges!

They have set the stage for maximum chaos. They removed the bail from many of these cities, so criminals get arrested and they get let back on the streets! They let the prisoners out because of covid, but they will throw a lawful citizen in jail for not wearing a mask.

Full on psychological attack with the covid scam, once again like the swine flu they lied and blew it out of proportion. Now like any crisis they cant let go to waste they are flexing their power on us, making us wear useless and dirty masks all while collapsing the middle class by closing and limiting small business.

A lot of America is restaurants, many people employed by them, and they have been limited badly, and bars totally shut down. Big business is ok to operate but the small ones pose more danger of spreading?!!

The globalists and their dream of new world order, their motto is "Order from Chaos!"

We see this happening, another color revolution in America. Antifa and BLM are going to be the 'brown shirts'

Soon we will be seeing coordinated attacks on media and other people.

And if these people get power we will see a massive purge of white people, as we already see the demonizing propaganda.

The the 'useful idiots'* (Antifa, BLM, and the other Actors, News people) will be rounded up and killed, and America, Mexico, and candida will be joined into the North American Union.

The North American Union will have no constitution and will be like china on steroids. You will have a mandatory cell phone, that will track everything you do. Full on credit social credit scores, and if you go against the government they just turn you off all money, internet, etc.

If you are helping these people tear down America, just know what comes after will be a nightmare beyond anything you can imagine.

*ideological subversion term for person who is being used for other means without their knowledge and usually against their own good.