American History Forgets About Native American Mass Murder

American History Forgets About Native American Mass Murder

The mass killings of today are among some of the worst in history, with the media quick to announce that they are such as the Sandy Hook school shooting was the deadliest in the history of the US. While these are terrible crimes, it seems that some of American history has been forgotten about, the genocide of Native Americans.

Forgets about: Columbus Brought Murder, Slavery, And Colonization

Christopher Columbus made his way to the Caribbean in 1492 and so began an era of murder, slavery, and colonization, along with the exploitation of indigenous inhabitants, something which many people seem to have forgotten. In the journals of Columbus, along with those of his men, there are terrible stories of all the things that they did to the indigenous people.

Columbus, a so-called civilized person, along with his men killed and chopped up the bodies of the native people and then fed them to their dogs. They kidnapped pre-teen girls and then sold then into the sex trade. They enslaved the Islanders and even had bets on whether they could slice a native through with just a single stroke.

Forgets about: 3 To 5 Million Indigenous People Disappeared Thanks To Columbus

It is thought that in the islands that Columbus conquered around 3 to 5 million indigenous people disappeared due to the brutality of the tactics of Columbus or illness brought on by it. The slaughtering of native people continued and went on to spread through the western hemisphere and the so-called civilized people went on to kill more than 100 million people. It has been estimated that just in North America 20 to 50 million people were killed in campaigns that were brutal in the Americas.

This big part of American history is for the most part left out during history lessons in the classroom as the US seems to want to remove it from history. If it had not been for people doing research of their own then people would still live with the fairy tale of Christopher Columbus and think of him as a hero that discovered new land and who had a national holiday in his name, instead of being known as a mass murderer along with slave trader.

Forgets about: Genocide Of Native Americans Forgotten In The Classroom Of Today

It seems that the erasure of the genocide of the Native Americans from classrooms today along with popular culture wants to take away the distasteful memory from the collective. If people forget then perhaps you are absolved of any crime. While the mass shootings of today are terrible events, it should not be forgotten that some of the worst mass shootings and killings took place from 1492 onwards when Columbus reached land, against an indigenous people that seem to have been forgotten.

Worst School Shooting In History Newtown United States

History forgets about:

• Apalachee Massacre when the former governor of Florida ordered an attack on the Apalachee and 1,000 were killed along with 2,000 enslaved in 1704.

• Fox Indian Massacre when French troops attacked Fox Indian village killing 1,000 people in 1712.

• The Sandia Mountain Tompiro Indians massacre in which 900 were killed in 1601.

• The Mystic Massacre in which colonist set fire to the village of Pequot in 1637 killing between 600 and 700.

• The Tonkawa Massacre in which Union soldiers attacked the Tonkawa village killing 400 in 1861.

• The Camp Grant Massacre in which a white and Mexican posse attacked an Apache village killing 140 and selling 40 into slavery in 1871: and the list goes on and on.

Should the young people of today be growing up not to be told about this part of the history of the US or should it just be swept under the carpet and pretend that it never happened? It needs to be taught in school and people should not look upon Columbus as being a hero.

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