Anaheim Police brutality story is heating up

Anaheim Police brutality story is heating up

Police brutality to say the least has been a huge story in the United States for the last couple of years. A number of controversies in areas like New York, Baltimore and Louisiana are just a few of the locations where the police force has been involved in controversy. Whether it was a justified act or not is solely dependent on the person, but an alleged story in Anaheim seems to be showing a story that only has one "correct" perception of the events that occurred.

The Law Versus The Law

In Anaheim, California an unarmed man was shot by a police officer, which is an all too familiar narrative in the United States. However it has been reported that the officers offered to buy up cell phone footage of the incident that occurred. A few hours after shooting 24-year-old Manuel Diaz, officers shot rubber bullets and released a hound on a group of witnesses consisting of mostly women and children.

Diaz ended up dying in the hospital and demonstrations proceeded to occur on the streets. This has caught national attention now which applies more pressure to figuring out why a man who was unarmed was shot. The Anaheim police claimed that the crowd became unruly and began burning things while throwing hard objects at the cops. A video, however, shows police charging into the block with people sitting in lawn chairs, but no fire as claimed by the police.

Later in, a report stated that there was, in fact, a dumpster fire that was ignited in at least three different locations. The video also shows the cops shooting rubber bullets at innocent bystanders while releasing a German Shepherd. Additionally, it was reported that the police offered to "buy" cell phone footage from at least four different people. The police department has not commented on this incident at hand, while the shooter of Diaz is currently on desk duty.

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