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Arcturians Aliens: The Real Masters of the Galaxy?

Arcturians Aliens: The Real Masters of the Galaxy?

Numerous alien species have exerted their influence on mankind across the ages, and as proof stand the unexplained cultural heritage we have on this planet.

There is a thin line between good and evil, and this battle is vigorously and uninterruptedly fought by both sides. Due to the aliens regarded as “the Milky Way guardians,” we have managed to maintain our free will and succeeded in our evolutionary path. These benevolent aliens are known as the Arcturians.

The benevolent Arcturians from the Bootes constellation

Their origins are in the Bootes constellation. They harness the energy of their star – Arcturus – and can freely travel throughout the galaxy in their fancy starships, but can also peerce through space and time whenever they shift in their etheric form.

Their otherworldly powers stem from their tremendous spiritual development, which had them leap forth from the 3rd dimension (in which we’re found now) to the 4th and 5th dimension. We earthlings are also able to transcend to these incomprehensive realms of evolution, but only if we do the right things during our current existence.

These guardians of the galaxy maintain order in the Milky Way and keep a close eye on all planets where life forms had evolved.

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Are they Galactic Watchers and Protectors?

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