Are supernovas completely misunderstood?

Are supernovas completely misunderstood?

What Rolf is saying nova are simply from the result of a star ramping back up again with more plasma primer fields being focused onto the stars surface. The plasma itself then shows up the already existing cloud of gases and dust surrounding the star, that are electric in nature. If stars are plasma, which they are, they cannot explode, period. They ramp up and down over these long periods but the transitions between states can be quick which is why see fast onsets of glaciations on the planet. Listen from this point at 1hr 14 mins or so. Very interesting stuff indeed. They do not die as we've been told, they simply continue on the state they're in whatever that may be, high or standard default mode. Our sun has spent 85% of the past million years in it's default state, which is ice age conditions for the earth.

This is good news, win win lol.

This is an electric phenomenon and plasma is the reason this material shows up.

Crab Nebula

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