Artificial Intelligence Robot Running for Mayor in Japan Promises Balance and Fairness for All

Artificial Intelligence Robot Running for Mayor in Japan Promises Balance and Fairness for All

An artificial intelligent robot is in the running to become mayor in Japan and the robot has promised to analyze petitions statistically that have been put forward to council members and to settle conflicts that arise between citizens fairly.

Robot Joins Usual Candidates to Run for Mayor in Tama City

Michihito Matsuda Tama Robot

There is really only one place in the world where a robot with artificial intelligence could run for mayor and stand a good chance of winning and this is Tokyo. Among the usual candidates are the local politicians that rank highly. The district has posters all over it that show the faces of party leaders that are smiling and which have numerous slogans on them promising a change for Tama City.

Robot Tama

One of the posters shows the robot nominee, which has the name of Michihito Matsuda, and the robot has inspirational sound bites and vans traveling around the city. The robot looks to be female and has a body that is entirely made of silver.

Tama Western Tokyo

Robot Promises Fair and Balanced Opportunities for All Residents

If the robot were chosen for mayor of the city, it would offer fair and balanced opportunities for all residents of the city and break down the negative and positive effects of petitions. The robot also said that it would take in what residents say, and their wishes, and then go on to calculate the best course of action and compromise rationally, any conflicts that may arise between the residents.

Robot Is Backed By Technology Gurus

The artificial intelligent robot is spearheading the bid to be the first artificially intelligent robot mayor in Tama City but the campaign is under the control of technology gurus Norio Murakami and Tetsuzo Matsuda.

One is the vice president of Softbank, the mobile provider, and the other used to work at Google in Japan. The technology gurus have even designed the robot its own website. Matsuda gave a passionate speech and outlined what happens to be a very unusual political vision for the city. He talked about the huge housing development that had been built during the 60s, which is the biggest in Japan. He said that Tama New Town had been the most advanced city some 40 years ago but the aging population is continuing to grow and there is a need for a change in the current administration.

Politics Tama Western Tokyo

Matsuda finished by saying that artificial intelligence should determine policies as AI could gather city data and then clearly defined politics could be created.

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