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BBC Discusses IF Jesus and Buddha Were Aliens?

BBC Discusses IF Jesus and Buddha Were Aliens?

A discussion recently took place on whether or not historical figures such as Jesus Christ and Buddha were extra-terrestrial being from other planets. This discussion aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation with Nicky Campbell as the host. The conversationalists on the show debated on the difficult question; "Have beings from other planets guided our religions?"


Campbell stated that "Last month NASA's Kepler space telescope identified another planet that might have the right conditions for life, "more and more of these potential life-harbouring planets are found every year so is the theory of "The Son of God" really being from an interplanetary origin really as far-fetched as it sounds?

The segment featured two groups, the Aetherius Society and the British Union Of Spiritist Societies.

"We believe that various religious leaders from history have an inter-planetary origin, "said Mark Bennett of the Aetherius Society. They also went on to state that they believe "that Jesus and Buddha came from Venus, that Krishna, a Hindu deity, came from Saturn and that Saint Peter came from Mars." The show also had critics who opposed these theories including two people representing Christianity, a scientist who belongs to the Christ Church Southampton and a bishop, who opposed the theory.

Separate claims that Jesus might have been an alien are not only made by groups like the Aetherius Society. 'Presbyterian' Minister Barry Downing has often credited phenomenon in the Bible, such as the coming of Jesus, to extraterrestrial origins.

However for every theory about these religious heads being from out of this world there is someone who challenges it such as Frank Johnson from Ancient Aliens Debunked stated in a post that "No matter how you look at it, there is no way possible that God as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures could be an extraterrestrial as most understand the term, "he went on to say that there is no way that "Jesus could be an extraterrestrial, hybrid or otherwise, simply because He is one with God the Father. The Bible demonstrates, and Jesus states that He and the Father (God) are ONE."

These theories are crazy, and there is no proof to back these claims despite speculation. Perhaps we will find out one day. Maybe we are indeed alone in the universe. Who knows? Personally, I think historic figures such as Jesus were almost definitely human, and history is changed over the years, and perhaps stories about him in the Bible have been exaggerated and changed over the past two thousand years.

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