Betelgeuse, a star 900 times the size of our sun, ready to explode!

Betelgeuse, a star 900 times the size of our sun, ready to explode!

Betelgeuse is currently one of the brightest stars in the night’s sky, and scientists believe that it may become the brightest object in the near future. The bright red supergiant, which is located in the Orion constellation is 640 light years away with 13% of its light visible to the human eye. According to astronomers, there is a good chance that this star has already become a supernova and people on Earth will soon be able to see the fallout of this astonishing celestial phenomenon.

Betelguese is a remarkably bright star which is estimated to be around 900 times the size of the Sun at the center of this solar system. It is a pulsating star, so its diameter is subject to change as its outermost layers are expelled. This phenomenon creates a dazzling effect when it appears as though flames are flying from the star’s surface. Researchers have said that Betelgeuse is nearing the end of its life.

Astronomers prepare for the night’s sky to change forever

The end of the star’s life will come when the innermost core begins to fuse silicon and sulfur into iron, cobalt, and nickel. At this point, the star will reach supernova state and burn with intense brightness. This will result in the star burning with extraordinary intensity for weeks. It is estimated that this brightness will surpass the sun in the center of this solar system by a significant measure.

Despite the fact that Betelguese is around 600 light years away, its supernova state will not pose any danger to this solar system. However, it will significantly alter the landscape of the night’s sky for a brief period. Some researchers believe that it will be as bright as a thick crescent moon, whereas others believe it would blaze as brightly as the full moon. Only time will tell.

Is the Betelguese star about to explode?

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