Bizarre Eyeless Marine Creature Washes Up On Mexican Beach 

Bizarre Eyeless Marine Creature Washes Up On Mexican Beach 

A strange animal with no eyes has been discovered when it washed up on a beach in Mexico. The mysterious creature first appeared on the Destiladeras beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, but no one has been able to identify it. The animal has the head of a dolphin with rows of sharp teeth and a long, snake-like tail, which isn't even the weirdest part about it. Something which has confused everyone is the fact that this animal doesn't have any eyes!

Mexico Pacific Coast Of Beach

While no one can say for certain what this odd creature is, there are a number of ideas being spread around. The local fishermen have never seen anything like it before but they have said that there's a marine area in Puerto Vallarta which has over a thousand meters of depth. It's possible that this animal is from there. It would be so dark down there that no light could ever reach it, therefore there would simply be no need to have eyes. This would suggest that it came from there.

When locals first discovered it, it was thought to be a dolphin but when they got closer, it was clearly something different. Another theory is that it's a hybrid animal created from several different species. This is, of course, a long shot but given the odd features of it, still a possible one. Cross-breeding can also have complications and if this was the case, it's likely this creature was born without its eyes. This theory holds a bit of weight compared to the other one as a creature from the deep would probably never end up on a beach.

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Whatever the true origin of this peculiar creature, it's certain to offer a lot of insight into its home and if there are any others of its kind out there, what we can do to find and study them. Similar to a figure from Greek mythology, this animal appears to be half dolphin and half-snake, a combination which is frankly unheard of. While a few ideas are floating around about what it could be, anything is still possible.